Are there any decisions you made in life that you regret? If you had known the outcome, perhaps you could have avoided taking that bold step. That is why we went ahead and did research on Invisalign so to help you make a decision of no regrets. If you are planning to get Invisalign to fix your teeth, below are the things you should know.

You can’t bite nails or open things with your teeth

If you are used to opening beer bottles or biting your nails, then you better be prepared to stop the habit. Once you get the braces, you will not be able to grab a bottle and open it. Instead, you will require the help of a scissors.

Teeth will feel slack

The reason why you want to wear braces is to keep your teeth straight and properly aligned. But it is worth mentioning that after braces your teeth are likely to feel loose. You will, therefore, enjoy less when eating somethings that are sticky such as candy. So, be ready to face this.

Your teeth will be responsive

We aren’t the same. Some people, even without braces, their teeth are more sensitive than those of others. If you didn’t have sensitive teeth before getting braces, then chances are that your teeth will be even more responsive.

Invisalign is expensive

Get ready to dig deep into your pocket if you are planning to get braces. Not only will you have to consider the price of the brace but also the cost for any additional work done on teeth before getting the braces. This includes attachments for your braces as well as treatment costs. It means you will have to spend some dollars to have that smile you so desire to have.



It hurts

Just as the saying goes, there is no gain without pain, so it is with getting Invisalign. The pain may vary because we are all different. But mostly, you will experience pain when taking food that requires chewing. For others, you may feel tightness when changing aligners. Though as painful as it may be, it is all for the best.

You will brush your teeth several times

If you always brush your teeth once or twice a day, then this will not be your habit any more. You will have to adjust to brushing your teeth every time you eat something. This is because the aligners change the PH of your mouth and an unpleasant feeling is something you don’t want. Brushing your teeth every time you eat before putting on the tray can help to feel cleaner.


Well, now that you know, do you think you can still do it? Regardless of the pain and the costs involved in getting Invisalign, it is rare to find an individual who isn’t excited about the results. However, Invisalign will teach you a lot; for example, you will realize how lazy you are. If there is anything still want to know, please let us know.